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Don’t just write because you can, write with purpose

With so many interests and distractions its difficult to pin down subjects to write about or the type of writing I wish to do. Here are projects that I have started that I need to revisit, and soon!

Projects currently on the boil:

Short Story

My first project I need to complete is for a short story competition. It has to be based on the painting below, “Brothers” by Cherry Lee.


I see boys of the stolen generation when I look at this picture. They may consider themselves brothers because they grew up together on a mission. I have decided to write about these boys today, sixty years later. The main character is the daughter of one of these men, who is no longer alive, she witnesses the chance meeting of the other two men in the picture. Will she realize her father is the third boy?

I have put a plan together for this short story. I started by writing it out on paper. I often find using a laptop means there are several possible distractions, such as, emails, facebook, ebay, etc…

On typing it out I change characters’ appearances, eliminate useless jibber jabber. I tend to jibber jabber, e.g. give a character useless internal monologues.

I learned a useful tip when I attended a creative writing course at Sydney Writers Centre: Everything you write should serve a purpose in the story, eliminate useless jibber jabber. Otherwise you are writing just because you can.



The idea is there and the plot is quite developed.

It is science fiction, not in the star trek sense, rather it stays firmly planted on earth looking at the interference of human nature by science. I’ve noticed that I have quite a keen interest in this area. Perhaps it stems from my background in psychology and health. Or perhaps its the very reason I chose to study psychology and health in the first place. Exploring the human mind and our physical being.

I am struggling with how to make the whole story work. I am struggling with the science of it. I need to keep reminding myself that it is fiction. It doesn’t need to make sense, scientifically. However, I feel certain that I am drawn to certain stories due to their scary foundation in actual scientific fact. Yes, such horrendous things could really happens to us! We might actually turn into rabid blood dribbling cannibals.

Oh yes, and I struggle creating and describing scenes. For this novel I have the characters, who are developing quite well but I have difficulty “filling in” around the characters and the plot points.

Things to work on:

– scenes

– dialogue

the glue basically, the stuff in between.


I need to remember not to write too much fluff, and stay on track with the plot. I can easily get distracted by trying to describe how the night sky makes the character feel!!



Distracted and lost for words

I’d love to say that I am living the life of a struggling author however, that would actually involve completing something and perhaps getting it published. I would say that is definitely a long way off.

Its a long way off because finding the time, the motivation and the words is quite difficult. I have two gorgeous kids, one 2.5years, the other 3 months, and a house that needs every inch of it renovated. So yes, a little busy. I’m exhausted at the end of every day, so lacking the energy to get motivated.


What I do have however, is plenty of ideas and a love of writing.

Countless stories swirl about my mind, and I do mean swirl, I jump from one idea to another, from one world to another. While I’m writing about one, I’ll think of a key plot point for another. I have heard that other writers experience this but when you are pretty short of time its means that very little gets past the planning stage, let alone completed.

The next issue for me is translating all of my ideas from their abstract form into stories that read well and making some kind of coherent sense. I can write, as you can see but I have trouble getting characters and plots to appear well on paper, or screen. More accurately I have a hard time constructing my characters and their voices and mannerisms. I find it difficult to create an environment in which they act.

I therefor have plenty of work to do and lots to learn. This is why I have started this blog. It is to record my journey from writing novice to hopefully something a little more. I need it to motivate me, each week providing readers with info on what I have accomplished, be it one paragraph at 2am during a night feed. Also providing readers with something I may have learned that could help them.

I welcome all comments and advice from any readers, who ever you may be. Perhaps you are a successful novelist, or may be you are on a similar journey!

Garden Before

Garden Before

Garden After - Still more work to do!

Garden After – Still more work to do!