Distracted and lost for words

I’d love to say that I am living the life of a struggling author however, that would actually involve completing something and perhaps getting it published. I would say that is definitely a long way off.

Its a long way off because finding the time, the motivation and the words is quite difficult. I have two gorgeous kids, one 2.5years, the other 3 months, and a house that needs every inch of it renovated. So yes, a little busy. I’m exhausted at the end of every day, so lacking the energy to get motivated.


What I do have however, is plenty of ideas and a love of writing.

Countless stories swirl about my mind, and I do mean swirl, I jump from one idea to another, from one world to another. While I’m writing about one, I’ll think of a key plot point for another. I have heard that other writers experience this but when you are pretty short of time its means that very little gets past the planning stage, let alone completed.

The next issue for me is translating all of my ideas from their abstract form into stories that read well and making some kind of coherent sense. I can write, as you can see but I have trouble getting characters and plots to appear well on paper, or screen. More accurately I have a hard time constructing my characters and their voices and mannerisms. I find it difficult to create an environment in which they act.

I therefor have plenty of work to do and lots to learn. This is why I have started this blog. It is to record my journey from writing novice to hopefully something a little more. I need it to motivate me, each week providing readers with info on what I have accomplished, be it one paragraph at 2am during a night feed. Also providing readers with something I may have learned that could help them.

I welcome all comments and advice from any readers, who ever you may be. Perhaps you are a successful novelist, or may be you are on a similar journey!

Garden Before

Garden Before

Garden After - Still more work to do!

Garden After – Still more work to do!




3 responses to “Distracted and lost for words

  • springriverimagination

    You know a few years ago I lived in one of my states bigger cities and I used to go to this HUGE library there. My sisters and I all read tones of books and one of them was called “Writing Magic” By Gail Carson Levine. She had writting a few books that we were interested in so we decided to give her book advice a try.
    I was about…nine or ten at the time if i remember correctly. I enjoyed reading it, but I never really got what she was trying to say. Now in recent years I recived that very book for Christmas and when I re-read her words they made so much more sense.
    I bring this up for a good reason. You see in this book she explains that lots of authors get distracted while writing a story, but unlike most people she dosen’t stop there. She tells us how she has learned to get around it.
    When another idea or an addition to another story interupts your thoughts on a current project it’s ok to pause and write down what you just thought of in fact it’s important to so you get it out of your head. No need to write loads of info on it, just pen down what came into your head then set it aside. That way you don’t constantly think about it.
    I have tried it myself and it works pretty well. Though I sadly lack the self dicipline needed to only write what poped into my head…i usualy write up the plot and character profiles THEN go back to work.
    You should try it. Tell me if it works out for you!

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