I’ve got that blogging feeling – the psychological reward system

In the space of a year I’ve gone from extremely internet shy to prepared to share almost anything on my blogs and twitter. Scary huh?

I’ve started 4 blogging pages; this one, an anonymous fun blog – anonymous because I share absolutely everything, not something I want my family reading, and the other two are for my website, and revolve around kids and parenting, one of which is on Tumblr.

I don’t know if any of you fellow bloggers have found this but it seems that the social media model, perfected by Facebook, is all about feeding our inner reward system. We add something to the internet, usually partially related or representative of ourselves and this is liked, shared/reblogged, followed, or commented on by others. Its a positive feedback system that after only a few times becomes extremely addictive. This is especially so because it is part of who we are, and online users are dictating whether they like us, or not.

I for one have found myself checking stat pages and emails several times a day, craving that response. If we get no feedback, something which those addicted hold in such high regard, then this can have negative consequences on our wellbeing. It could, as it has done for me in the past, cause us to put more effort into perfecting a post, something which in my opinion is a waste of my precious time.

I’m no psychologist but having studied a little of the human mind, I realise that blogging must be triggering the reward mechanisms in my brain. Crazy? Well not so much, if I obsess over each individual like and new follow.

This is why I have started afresh with this blog. Something that is all about me [very self-centred I know but when you have kids its nice just to think about yourself for a change],create something transparent, and which contains all of my thoughts however boring and uninteresting they might be. The purpose of this blog is not to get a massive following, although a following of like minded individuals would be nice. It will be, as I stated in my introduction a log of my journey as a writer.

I am committing to contributing another quite mundane set of pages to the world wide web, whether anyone “likes” it or not.




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