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Reaching for that Goal of Originality

Last night I sat down and started to write for the first time in a few weeks. One child was in bed and the other quietly watching Puss in Boots for the fourth time (one of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen). A full cup of tea at the ready, and I was set.

I worked on my short story for the Rockingham Creative Writing Competition. I gave myself one hour in which to make meaningful progress on the story. I had the idea (completely different from the one I’ve outlined in a previous post), and I needed to fill it out, give my characters voice and personality, and above all, weave a great story.

It went well and was productive but the main area I’m struggling with is predictability and being original. I believe the mark of a great writer is not only the ability to produce beautifully written text but having the skill of creating plots that surprise you and keep you interested.

As with many competitions, an image has been provided to inspire the story. (Please refer to the artwork below, Brothers, by Cherry Lee.) I am finding that as I write, my readers will be able to predict where my story is going, and thus be disappointed with the tale I have tell.



Sometimes, I admit, readers like to be right and guess where the plot is heading. They like to be able to guess the ending and feel satisfied by the story because it ended the way they believed it should. However, I don’t think this is exciting enough, its not teaching the reader anything new. I don’t think it would be a story that readers would remember vividly, and have play on their minds afterwards. A great story is one that has a lasting effect due to its originality.

Outrageous twists are probably not the answer but perhaps something memorable and meaningful, a story that touches readers and leaves them feeling better off for having read it.

In reality, being able to write a piece like this is difficult. Each new idea I come up with I usually knock back because my audience will find it too predictable. Luckily I have until the 11th October, 2013 to complete this story, so I may find myself sitting in front of my laptop with a cuppa on many more occasions, reaching for my goal of originality. (As I’m sure every other author out there does!)

Like I commented above I found my hour to be very productive. My story is taking shape and I will definitely share my first draft when it is ready. Unfortunately after my hour is up, my mind is still going, searching for that plot point which will enrich the tale. I believe if I had more free time in my day I would drive myself crazy with many different versions of this story!


A little sci-fi inspiration


My favourite genre would have to be sci-fi, with romance coming a close second. If I work hard enough at my story I may even succeed in combining the two. I may be aiming too high and end up with something quite catastrophic but its worth a try.

While staring at clouds and far off aeroplanes help to conjure distant lands and get creative, nothing beats this truly inspirational documentary Journey to the edge of the universe.

It will cause you to look upon images of the universe in wonder and find inspiration for your stories. This docomentary will truly hypnotise you.

With so much in the universe unknown, and both infinite in possibilities and in size, anything is possible. Much of what we do know is only theoretical, allowing authors to spin amazing scientific journeys that teeter on the edge of reality. This is what draws me to this genre, I like to write fantastical stories that might possibly, in a world far away or a distant time, be true.


Find your rainbow – Clear your mind to get creative


I went for stroll yesterday along my local beach, Waikiki Beach, Perth, WA.

It was the perfect mix of ominous rain clouds, dark green broody sea and fresh cold breeze.


It was just me, the sunset and the mad wind surfer.